It is a System of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, which is a tool for managing food safety and allows for elimination of hazards occurring during the course of all stages of food production and distribution. The HACCP system is developed separately for each plant, taking into account the specificity of the activity conducted there.

There are many benefits resulting from having an implemented HACCP system, including, among others: stimulating the increase of consumer awareness that the product can be considered safe, improving the organization of management in the enterprise, increasing the competitiveness of manufactured products, expanding the market by meeting the requirements legal free movement of goods in the EU. Having a HACCP Certificate, depending on the industry, gives you the opportunity to obtain additional points in tenders and apply for various types of subsidies.

The IMPLEMENTATION of HACCP takes place in the following order:

  • zero audit - a consultant / auditor gets acquainted with the functioning of the organization,
  • indication and training of a person to perform the function: Quality Representative

 Plenipotentiary for Food Safety Management,

  • preparation of implementation for compliance with the standard: preparation of documentation, quality records, consideration of procedures,
  • auditing audit,
  • preparation for the certification audit.

HACCP CERTIFICATION takes place in stages:

  • pre-audit - an external auditor from the selected certification body gets acquainted with the organization's documentation to check whether all requirements have been implemented,
  • the auditor assesses whether all elements of the standard have been implemented,
  • audit - examining how the system functions in reality after implementation,
  • issuing instructions on the possibility of awarding the Certificate.

The HACCP certificate is issued for a period of three years, after the first and the second year, the company must undergo a supervision audit to maintain the Certificate. Once the three years have passed, the recertification audit is carried out.






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