ISO 14001


  1. An international standard referring to the Environmental Management Systems. The objective of the standard is to enable an organization to establish an environmental policy.
  1. It is intended for various types of organizations. The main objective of the standard is to support activities related to environmental protection, and to prevent the ecological pollution. The holding and implementing of a certified system in accordance with the standard PN-EN ISO 14001:2015 allows for the improvement of the operation of an organization by: reducing costs, including improving the efficiency of use of raw materials, using substitutes for raw materials, utilizing waste materials, as well as improving the organization’s image and competitive quality, as it is seen as a pro-environmental one. The holding of the ISO 14001:2015 Certificate, according to the specific industry, provides an opportunity to obtain additional points in tenders and the NFZ contracts, and to apply for various types of subsidies.
  1. Implementation

ISO 14001:2015 implementation schedule:

  • zero (initial) audit — a consultant / an auditor gets acquainted with the operating of an organization;
  • designation and training of a person to perform the duties of the Environmental Management System Representative;
  • preparation of the implementation of compliance with the standard: preparation of documentation, quality record, execution of procedures;
  • verification (follow-up) audit;
  • preparation of the certification audit.
  1. The ISO 14001:2015 certification is carried out in the following stages:
  • pre-audit — an external auditor from the selected certification body gets acquainted with the organization's documentation to check whether all the requirements of the relevant standard have been implemented;
  • the auditor assesses whether all the elements of the standard have been implemented;
  • audit — examining how the quality management system actually works;
  • issuing of the authorisation of awarding the certificate.

The ISO 14001:2015 Certificate is issued for a period of three years. After the first and the second year, the company is obliged to undergo a supervision audit to maintain the Certificate. The objective of the annual supervision audit is to continuously optimise processes. When three years have passed, a recertification audit is carried out. The decision of proceeding with this audit confirms the organization's long-term commitment to the environmental management systems.




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