Establishment of the ISO 29990 standard was aimed at accurate and complete determination of quality requirements for organizations providing education and training services to ensure their effectiveness. ISO 29990 is properly prepared for activities related to education, teaching and training.

We encourage you to obtain the ISO 29990 Certificate in our unit.

Expected benefits:

  • Possibility to register your services in the PARP Development Services Database,
  • Possibility of obtaining additional points when registering in the RUR (Development Services Register)
  • Applying for the provision of services co-financed from EU funds
  • Additional points in tenders.

The ISO 29990 standard is an international standard addressed to providers of training services operating in the field of out-of-school education and training. It is a standard describing requirements for a quality management system that fully takes into account the specificity of the training industry. It is a standard that can be easily integrated with a quality management system based on the ISO 9001 standard.

Certification for compliance with the ISO 9001 standard and the ISO 29990 standard is included in the PARP list regarding certificates, standards confirming the credibility of the entity's provision of development services

The ISO 29990 standard puts a special emphasis on the identification of needs and expectations and the satisfaction of the so-called interested parties, understood as:

  • Training participant
  • Training group
  • Enterprise / institution directing employees for training or studies
  • Persons and organizations financing education, etc.

The IMPLEMENTATION of ISO 29990: 2010 takes place in the following order:

  • zero audit - consultant / implementing auditor (external, leading) gets acquainted with the functioning of the organization,
  • appointing and training a person who is to act as a Plenipotentiary for the Quality Management System,
  • preparation of implementation for compliance with the standard: preparation of documentation, quality records, consideration of procedures,
  • auditing audit,
  • preparation for the certification audit.

ISO 29990: 2010 CERTIFICATION takes place in several stages:

  • preliminary audit - an external auditor from the certification body gets acquainted with the organization's documentation in order to check whether all the requirements of the standard have been implemented,
  • the auditor assesses whether all elements of the standard have been implemented,
  • audit - checking, implementation of records in accordance with the implemented documentation, i.e. examining how the system functions in reality,
  • issuing instructions on the possibility of awarding the Certificate.

Due to the fact that the ISO 29990: 2010 Certificate is issued for 3 years, a surveillance audit should be carried out in the second and third year. After three years, a recertification audit is carried out. Joining this audit is a confirmation of the organization's long-term commitment to the Quality Management System.




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